My work usually comes in the form of paintings. It plays with the conventions and expectations of the medium and I consider the curatorial choices involved with displaying the work an integral part of it as well. Therefore it sometimes takes me in the direction of installation or even sculpture.

I believe in aesthetics and the transformational potential that art has to offer. For me making art is a form of concrete philosophy, it gives me a chance to reflect about myself as a person. Reflecting in a literal sense. I have an idea, I act upon it and then reflect about it.

In the process I am getting confronted with an array of problems which in the end have to be solved as elegantly as possible. Problems can be an upcoming show, a first brushstroke or just the mere fact that I was optimistic enough to again buy canvas and stretchers. Through the process an aesthetic concept guides me. This sounds technical, but it simply means that I am guided by what I consider beautiful.

At the moment I am very interested in hermaphroditism. Hermaphrodites as you probably know are organisms that are both male and female at the same time or can transform its gender due to its circumstances. For example certain snails or clownfishes are hermaphrodites. While I do not yet know how exactly this is connected to my practice, I have the idea that some of my works do possess hermaphrodite-like qualities. Some of them seem to possess both genders. Are sculpture or object but also painting at the same time. Some of them chose to be understood ambiguously, some seem to not take a choice at all.

In those works I recognise artistic freedom through ambiguity, through being both, through being what they are. In this in-between I see space for me and my work. The space between yes and no, between media, the time of puberty, in MezzoMix. This spectrum between extremes and the fact that the norms and values with which they are associated continuously shift, is something that fascinates me. I see on this spectra the space where transformation can take place, where the discourse can be broadened, where hierarchies can be questioned and crushed. Regardless whether in sexuality, gender- or media-theory, politics or aesthetics.